Auditor General Edward Ouko during a past interview | PHOTO-Reuters

The Auditor General Edward Ouko has called for splitting of the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) for the National and County governments in order to effectively manage budgetary allocations.

According to Ouko, the system has disadvantaged the counties especially in times of glitches and there was need to split it so as to enhance service delivery and improve efficiency.

Ouko who was speaking in Nairobi during the 7th Kenya Editors Guild luncheon attributed the challenges to the centralized nature of the system and called on the relevant authorities to have the system split into two.

“The country is not getting the full benefits from IFMIS as intended and there is a need to have ifmis one and two whereby one will serve the National Government with the other serving devolved units” Mr Ouko said.

Ouko added that splitting the system will ensure accountability of the taxpayer funds while at the same time help the controller of budget to spell out clearly the distribution of funds.


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