Residents living in fear of electrocution

By Mashariki Correspondent

Residents of Muiri in Wiru Ward in Chogoria, Tharaka Nithi have protested low hanging electricity lines which they say poses grave danger.

The residents said the electricity lines hanging low over their homes and farms, posing a danger even to children who pass in the area as they go to school.

They said for a long time they had asked Kenya Power and Lighting Company to take action but nothing had been done.

“The power masts are hanging over homes and farms. There is always a fear that a fire can break out in our houses. In addition the fact that the lines hanging across the road is a danger to those passing through, including vehicles,” said Stanley Muthomi.

The residents said they were living in mortal fear as just over a week ago a man was electrocuted in the Gituja area of Muthambi.

John Muthamia said they could not fathom why the electricity company had assumed a ‘don’t care’ attitude instead of taking care of their own property.

“We have children who walk along the road to school and going to other places. We fear that it couldjust be a matter of time before a disaster befalls us,” said Mr Muthamia.

He said the leaning pole and potentially high voltage transmission wires were a sight that gave them no peace as they do their daily activities, including in their farms.

“We have to be extra careful when walking in the area the wires hang low. We know that someone does not have to come into contact with a wire to be electrocuted. If a wire touches the tree around it electricity is present on the ground around it and that is very dangerous to people,” said Muthamia.

Jacinta Kaari said though the matter looked ‘minor’ to some they were not treating it lightly.

“The power masts are hanging over homes and farms. There is always a fear that a fire can break out in our houses.” Stanley Muthomi.

“We are living in danger because of the low hanging electricity lines. Not many people know how to handle electric shocks in this area so we are asking for quick intervention by the electricity provider or government,” said Ms Kaari.

She said: “And a pole can come crashing down anytime especially now that the soil is loose because of the rains. We don’t want someone to die, reason we are appealing for those responsible to act fast.”


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