Residents of Embu County have been warned against the continued use of banned plastic paper bags.

According to Embu County National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) Director Boniface Birichi, the continued usage of the bags continues to pose a threat to the environment while derailing gains made in combating pollution due to plastic waste.

Speaking during the World Environment Day celebrations in Embu, Mr. Birichi said NEMA was in the processes of appealing the low fines imposed on those found using the plastic paper bags in order to deter those intending to engage in the usage of the banned bags.

“We are in the process of appealing the low fines imposed on those contravening the law on plastic bags in order to deal with the plastic menace. In the coming weeks, we intend to crack down on those who have failed to comply with the law in regards to plastic bags use.” Mr. Birichi said.

He further cautioned manufacturers against environmental pollution due to poisonous emmissions that pose a health risk to nearby residents noting that NEMA will take stern action against those found culpable.


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