Pending bills scrutiny team has set January 26 as the deadline for contractors to submit claims.
The pending bills scrutiny committee will receive the claims by January 26 according to the timelines released by the chairman Rueben M’ikieni.
“We will advertise for the filling of claims on Friday, January 12. The advertisement will appear on local dailies and the county website,” he added.
The committee was formed by Governor Kiraitu Murungi last week.
Speaking at the press briefing after the first meeting of the team, Deputy Governor Titus Ntuchiu announced the government is not on a witch-hunting mission but was keen to ensure prudent use of Meru County public money.
He rubbished reports that the team was facing integrity issues as reported in some section of the media saying it’s the guilty who are afraid that they will have nowhere to hide.
M’Ikieni said the team of eminent persons is beyond reproach and won’t be intimidated.
“We will honor legitimate claims and recommend the prosecution of those who present fraudulent claims with the aim of stealing from Meru people,” Ntuchiu said.


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