A past photo of traders drying their maize before ferrying it to various markets | PHOTO-Courtesy

Maize farmers in Samburu County have called on the Government to help them secure markets for their maize after a bumper harvest that has left them with surplus maize and a shrinking market.

The farmers have decried the lack of market for their surplus produce and further bemoaned the low prices being offered by traders for the produce with many being forced to sell a 90kg bag of maize for a paltry Ksh. 1,500.

According to Deborah Letimaya a farmer, noted that most of the farmers have been forced to incur huge losses due to the low prices in the market.

“We have planted and harvested but we don’t have a good market for our produce, one bag of maize is being sold at Sh1500 which is a loss to us,” said Deborah Letimaya.

The farmers add that they have put in lots of resources in terms of fertilizer, seed maize and tilling the land, harvest and storage.

According to the farmers, the government has focused on farmers from the rift valley and parts of Western Kenya neglecting their plight and they now want the National Government through the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) to step in buy their maize.




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