The relationship between the citizens, the losers and the winners of a democratic process are very important for the development of a just society.

Since the last general elections, residents of upper Eastern Counties have had their share of political games played by politicians who won various elective seats and their colleagues who lost.

The governors who were elected took the oath and delivered long speeches that gave people hope for better days to come, a feeling that faded in less than a year after the assumption of office ceremony.

These scenarios are a replica of what happened in other elective posts all the way from Members of the County Assemblies to the Presidency.

As the issues of governance proceeded several political friends have come out to express their disappointment with their colleagues in various positions especially the Governors who are running the counties. It is a known fact that every governor now is feeling the heat from political attacks from the opposition and friends turned foes.

On the other side, many elected leaders took office with pride and arrogance. They immediately started rubbishing the opinion of their opponents and even trying to kill the voice of the citizens.

They kept a safe distance from the electorates and it has become difficult for the citizens to access them.

They have been reported dictating governance matters and using their positions of power to buy their way out in case of a threat to their leadership.

This is the wrong way to govern a people; it is a mentality that has derailed the development and the expected service delivery to needy citizens.

Public resources are getting lost as leaders in positions misuse them in the name of protecting themselves and fooling ignorant citizens.

This is the wrong direction our political leaders are taking a time like now when the young and the old need them most; everyone is looking upon them to serve them well, as their duty.

Stories of people starting to campaign against the elected leaders immediately the results are declared must stop.

The tendency of those in power using their positions to fight the election losers and other opponents must be resisted.


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