Isiolo Market site being implemented by one of the foreign firms in Isiolo. PHOTO-Correspondent

By Mashariki Correspondent

Contractors and Jua Kali artisans in Isiolo have expressed their disappointment by Isiolo County government for not giving them tenders and employment to supply labour or to construct buildings that are under construction in the county.  

Speaking in Isiolo town, Isiolo Contractor’s Chairman Ismael Galma said most of the contractors working in town are from other counties and they need to be considered in the award of some of the contracts for fruits of devolution to be felt.

“They have given a contract to even Chinese yet we are here,” Galama said. “Let the county consider its people first in any contract,” he added.

Lawrence Akwima, the Chairman Isiolo Jua Kali Association, said that they are making high-quality products like gates, doors, and windows among other items, yet the contractors were sourcing the labor from as far as Nairobi County.

“I am afraid if the 30 percent (%) reserved for youths, people living with disabilities and women is followed here,” Akwima wondered.

Akwima said that the Association has 120 members but they have reduced to 80 because they are reaping very little from their work.

Kawima also said that Jua Kali artisans in Isiolo have no reserved place to operate from although the county had promised to consider their plea.

He asked the devolved government to save the sector from collapsing. Masonries and other casual workers who rely on constructions for daily bread are also complaining of not getting employment at the construction sites.

They lamented those contractors awarded work by Kuti’s government were sourcing labor from other counties. 

The youths told, The Mashariki News, that they spend the entire day opposite Takbir tax stage waiting to see whether they will get someone to assign them some work to earn a living.

They have called upon the county boss to honor his promise of giving the youth jobs including casual jobs.

Other Isiolo residents have also expressed their happiness on the ongoing construction of Isiolo Stadium and called upon the government to ensure the contractor adheres to the legal provisions that require that 30 percent of labor be sourced locally.


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