Biometric data of a citizen being captured during the NIIMS registration exercise | PHOTO-Nation

More than 1000 people have been registered in the National Integrated Identity Management System in the first two days of the pilot phase of registration in Embu County.

Water Principal Secretary Joseph Irungu expressed satisfaction with the turnout urging more residents to register in the database which will help the government in national planning.

Irungu accompanied by Embu County Commissioner Abdullahi Galgalo Hiddi oversaw the roll out of the pilot phase of registration in Nthambo, Manyatta and Karaba sub-locations.

Irungu dispelled rumors surrounding the NIIMS saying registration of people is necessary for national planning.

The pilot phase of registration of the NIIMs also known as Huduma Namba is being undertaken in 15 counties.

The process has been simplified such that clerks are taking between 12 and 20 minutes to register one person.

The government launched the digital registration of all Kenyans early this week in a pilot program targeting 15 counties.

The system is expected to be the authentic source of all persons residing in Kenya aged 6 and above including foreigners.

The trial process will take 30 days before being rolled out across the country.



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