Mr Waweru Njagi, the watchman at Minai Coffee Factory in Embu County

Coffee worth sh2.7million belonging to Minai Coffee factory in Runyenjes constituency was stolen early Wednesday morning by armed gangsters.

The gansters ambushed the factory watchman, tied his hands with a rope, took his phone and threw it away after removing its battery, then stormed the store.

The watchman, Mr Waweru Njagi, 64, who reported the incident at Kamuthatha police post, said the gangsters were armed with crude weapons such as metal bars with which they used to break the factory’s padlock.

“They placed a metal rod in my mouth and warned me that I would be killed if I screamed,” he said.

Confirming the incident, Embu Cooperatives Director David Muriuki said the coffee was being readied for transportation and was stored in 50-kilogramme bags.

Last year, farmers in Embu lost coffee worth millions of shillings to thieves.


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